Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign

Who will you champion?

The bold thinkers. The problem solvers. The dreamers. They can’t transform the world alone. Through Time and Change, you can become a champion for Ohio State’s students, faculty, staff and community partners. You can invest in their extraordinary potential to improve lives and communities in ways we haven’t yet imagined.

Those who see possibility everywhere

A group of people sitting and talking

Exploring results in life-changing technology

Kathy Guo is pioneering a way to help stroke victims regain their voices. She discovered an innovative, team-based approach that explored the convergence of music, technology and compassion.
Group of people talking and planning

Creating an environment to thrive in

When an Ohio State professor was asked how to make cities more welcoming to those with autism, he asked that very community what they needed. Now there are unique planning guidelines.
Group of children standing and watching a teacher

Revitalizing communities through collaboration

Children on the Near East Side of Columbus have an enhanced educational experience when a public research university, its health care system and a community come together.