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You’ve checked your lists, you helped pack their bags, and you brought them to campus. You’ve done everything a parent can do to ensure their safety and success in this significant step that they’re taking. Now your child is embarking on an exciting new adventure as they join the Buckeye family.

We are invested in your child’s success and offer services to support their time at Ohio State. These services like the career fair, student wellness, financial counselors and student advocates, go above and beyond what’s covered by tuition. They exist thanks to the generous support of our Buckeye Parents. Will you consider giving a gift today?


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Buckeye Career Fair 

Connect students with potential employers and help them prepare for rewarding careers. 

Student Wellness

Offer services, programs and counselors to promote optimal health and well-being for all students. 

Financial Counselors 

Offer one-on-one consultations and other resources to help students build their financial literacy. 

Student Advocates 

Help empower students with resources and support to overcome obstacles throughout their academic, personal and professional growth. 


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